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Rum Siboney Añejo -...

€12.30 Price

The aromas and flavors that come from the wood where has been aged give it a balance and structure to this spirit.

• Golden amber color.

• On the nose notes of caramel, nuts, vanilla and wood.

• Medium and dry body.

• Medium finish.

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Whisky Highland Queen...

€19.55 Price

Appearance: Amber honey

Bouquet: Apple and cinnamon, with hints of salted caramel and toffee.

Taste: spicy notes and in mouth, spicy notes of cinnamon and apple traces, with touches of dried fruit. A long and soft finish

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Tequila Rose - USA - 15º

€24.90 Price

Tequila Rose is a premium, natural strawberry flavored cream liqueur blended with a splash of premium Tequila

Its consumer success derives from both traditional liqueur usage (straight, over ice or with/in coffee) and its appeal as a fashionable and versatile cocktail ingredient.

Tequila Rose’s greatest asset is its TASTE. Its strawberry flavour makes it a delicious, completely irresistible drinking experience.

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Broker's Gin - UK - 40º

€21.52 Price

The spirit base of Broker's Gin is the pure grain distillate quadruple made of English wheat. The flavor is provided by ten natural botanical ingredients, the main one of which are the juniper berries, as in all gins. The botanical ingredients are soaked in the still for 24 hours. This is the first part of the flavor infusion process. The still is then activated for the fifth final distillation, which completes the process. The dry botanical ingredients come from all over the world and are sent to the distillery in sacks.

The botanists used their sources are:

Juniper berries - Macedonia

Coriander seeds - Bulgaria

Root of Orris - Italy

Nutmeg - India

Cassia bark - Indonesia

Cinnamon - Seychelles

Licorice - Italy

Orange peel - Spain

Lemon peel - Spain

Angelica Root - Poland

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Broker's Gin Pink - UK...

€22.99 Price

Broker's Pink Gin is a delicate infusion of our multi-award-winning gin with natural strawberry flavours. We have crafted an intensely smooth, complex and refreshing gin that brings out the subtly nuanced aromas from our traditional hand-selected botanicals and marries them with the wonderful summer fruit flavour of strawberry. We recommend enjoying Broker's Pink Gin with a twist of your favourite citrus peel, plenty of ice, tonic water and a final garnish of a fresh strawberry. Broker's Gin is made in a 200-year-old distillery in the heart of England, and this wonderful new addition to the Broker's range reflects both our heritage and skill in producing award winning gin, and our commitment to the exploration of new and exciting flavours.

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Rum Siboney 1920 Gran...

€25.60 Price

Ultra premium rum elaborated in commemoration of the beginning of rum production in the city of Santo Domingo using the family recipe. The prolonged aging in white oak barrels gives a balance and exquisite flavor to this spirit; a legacy of the family.

• Balanced softness.

• Fruit flavors.

• Elegant sherry notes.

• Long and sophisticated finish.

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Whisky Highland Queen...

€15.19 Price

Bouquet: sweet spicy notes of the sherry, mixed with hints of fresh barley and marzipan

Taste: silky smooth, with the sweetness of the sherry combining perfectly with the smoothness of the oak, and subtle hints of smoke

Finish: ending with a long, smooth finish

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Mediterranean Reef...

€11.68 Price

Appeareance: transparent liquid with ocher tones.

Nose: intense aroma of mint and sweet rum.

Taste: intense aroma of mint with a long sweetness of rum and a fresh and intense aftertaste.

Due to its alcohol content, its sale and consumption to minors is prohibited. Attention to pregnant women. Contains sugar.

Specially designed for consumption very cold, with ice, alone or combined with another drink. In this case, it can be garnished with a sprig of peppermint in the glass or, classically, with crushed fresh mint leaves and a little brown sugar

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