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Tabla de Sumar - Rias...

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ASPECTO: color dorado verdoso brillante y profundo.
NARIZ: hay indicios de durazno y manzana y tiene un final mineral
PALADAR: Tabla de Sumar proporciona intensos sabores frutales y minerales con una acidez pronunciada y madura que le da carácter fuerte combinado con un final largo y buen potencial de guarda.
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Nicolás - Albariño -...

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It is a single-variety albariño from a single farm. It is only made in really exceptional years and expresses the highest potential of the variety.

The name is dedicated to the first male grandson of José Antonio whose date of birth coincides with the first vintage of the NICOLÁS brand.

The wine is a unique albariño with aromatic nuances and sapid really complex, dense and intense. It is designed to withstand the passage of time offering the best of himself, as he spends his life in the bottle. It can remain in bottle for many years in perfect conditions.

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Trico - Albariño -...

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It is the wine that most defines our philosophy. It comes from broken granite land and poor in organic matter.

Its name is a statement of principles that metaphorically summarizes the philosophy of the careful elaborations of the winery. The inspiration for the label comes from an old school notebook from the mother of José Antonio López, where his drawings have been used to illustrate the labels of the winery.

It is a long-lasting wine that stays at least one year in stainless steel tanks and another in the bottle. This confers a great complexity and roundness, without losing its characteristics of acidity and freshness, while highlighting its minerality. 

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