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Langley's nº8 - UK - 47º
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Langley's nº8 - UK - 47º

€8.47 Price

AROMA: Rich juniper, with fragrant pine, hints of lemon and lavender with light violet notes.

PALATE: Juniper and coriander seed forward, with distinctive sage notes. Middle palate of a delicate sweetness with citrus notes. Towards the back of the mouth, a lingering licorice, cracked black pepper is complemented by subtle and spicy notes.

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Langley's Old Tom - UK...

€7.26 Price

AROMA: Juniper and creamy orange essence with a touch of gentle tangerine notes

PALATE: Slow kick of juniper, fennel, nutmeg, lemon peel and a coriander that develops to a smooth, soft, sweetened finish that lingers

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Langley's First...

€11.50 Price

AROMA: Juniper with lemon peel that fades into coriander.

PALATE: A moderate hit of juniper is followed by citrus peel and delicate spicing. Light, smooth and very refreshing as a classic G&T.

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Ron Siboney Añejo -...

€12.30 Price

The aromas and flavors that come from the wood where has been aged give it a balance and structure to this spirit.

• Golden amber color.

• On the nose notes of caramel, nuts, vanilla and wood.

• Medium and dry body.

• Medium finish.

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Ron Siboney 1920 Gran...

€25.60 Price

Ultra premium rum elaborated in commemoration of the beginning of rum production in the city of Santo Domingo using the family recipe. The prolonged aging in white oak barrels gives a balance and exquisite flavor to this spirit; a legacy of the family.

• Balanced softness.

• Fruit flavors.

• Elegant sherry notes.

• Long and sophisticated finish.

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Brandy Reynolds...

€5.55 Price

Appearance: Transparent liquid of toasted color with intense edges.

Bouquet: Ripe grape aroma with shades of muscatel.

Taste: Intense and powerful taste of ripe grapes, with an intense aftertaste of muscatel.

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Vodka Reynolds...

€3.57 Price

Appearance: Clear colorless liquid with steely shades.

Bouquet: Intense aroma of vodka.

Taste: Intense and powerful alcoholic aroma of an alcoholic base of grain memories.

Specially designed for very cold consumption, with ice, alone or combined with another drink. It can be seasoned with some citrus peel.

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Ha'Penny Rhubarb Gin-...

€12.51 Price

Ha’penny Rhubarb is a refreshing, distinctively pink small batch pot distilled gin featuring the finest rhubarb alongside 13 expertly selected botanicals. Named after the iconic Ha’penny Bridge, the Ha’penny range features Geranium, Dandelion, Lavender and Blackberry, botanicals which would have been growing in the nearby Phoenix Park in Victorian times when the bridge was built.

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