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GK IPA  3,6º - 500ML | BEER
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GK IPA 3,6º - 500ML | BEER

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Tired of bitter IPAs? Try GK IPA, a light and refreshing IPA with a citrus and floral flavor that will surprise you!


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GK IPA is an English IPA beer created in 1799 by Benjamin Greene. It is a refreshing and balanced beer, with a moderate bitterness and notes of malt and caramel. Its history of more than 200 years makes it a special beer, which is still one of the most popular IPAs in the world.

Its deep amber color and creamy foam invite you to take a sip. The aroma is dominated by Challenger and First Gold hops, which provide a bitter and fruity flavor. In the flavor, malty and caramel notes are also appreciated. GK IPA is a balanced and refreshing beer, ideal to enjoy at any time.

Fancy a sip of history?

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